This section will answer some commonly asked questions and will help you understand what to expect.

  • Please arrive for your scheduled appointment on time.  It affects everybody's day when you are late.
  • Allow your dog an opportunity to relieve itself prior to your appointment. Some dogs are nervous and others are very relaxed.  Both of these responses can result in an unscheduled elimination that may require your dog to be bathed a second time.  
  • Grooming appointments are generally two hours and owners are not permitted to wait at the salon for their dog.  Distractions are troublesome for dog and groomer.  It is a much more relaxed experience for your dog once you have left the premises.  The groomer works more efficiently in solitude and requires a relaxed dog and full focus to ensure safety and the best finish possible.
  • Your dog is my priority while it is here.  I book sufficient time for each appointment to provide a low stress, comfortable pace for both myself and the dogs.
  • Please help us keep this a pest free environment, if you suspect your dog has a flea infestation please treat them with a veterinary approved product a few days prior to your appointment and let your groomer know so they may take extra precautions to prevent the infestation from spreading to others.  Nobody else wants your fleas!
  • If your pet is unwell in any way please reschedule your appointment for when they are feeling better.  Maintaining a clean and healthy environment for every pet's safety is extremely important not to mention the added stress on your pet if they are under the weather.
  • Plan ahead!  Learn what length suits your dog's lifestyle and how quickly it grows.  We suggest pre-booking your appointments to avoid disappointment.


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